Week 1

So the first lesson I learned about pregnancy is probably the most important; how you actually conceive.  I know this sounds silly.  But seriously, did you know that you are actually only fertile for like three days per month?  And that those days fall smack dab in the middle of your last period and your next period?  I didn’t.

Week 1 of my first pregnancy, Nate and I were coming home from an amazing vacation in Hawaii!

It was such a fabulous vacation that I completely forgot that I was on my last pill pack, and hadn’t scheduled an appointment yet to get more.  We got home the last week of August, and I scheduled the earliest appointment I could get for October 27th.  This wasn’t going to be a big deal though because coincidentally, Nate was traveling to Las Vegas for the whole month of October for work.

You see, once you get pregnant, they start counting your 40 weeks on the day of your last menstrual period, or LMP.  They do this because it is too hard to know exactly when you might have conceived, but obviously not hard to remember the first day of your last period.  So this brings us to week 2.

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