Week 4

My appointment was finally here!  I went in on Friday morning, October 27th.  They did a pregnancy test, which was negative.  Gave me my pills.  Told me to take them on Sunday after my period, which was supposed to start any minute.  And sent me on my way.  I drove straight to Las Vegas, because who wouldn’t want to spend Halloween weekend with their hubby, pregnant-free in Las Vegas!?!

The first weird thing that happened was that right after I got there, Nate and I went to dinner, and I could barely keep my eyes open.  I was so tired!  Usually the adrenaline of seeing Nate and being in Vegas would keep me dancing all night!  I decided I would just take a little cat nap and then we could go out.  Next thing I knew, it was 9am the next morning!  Strange.

The second weird thing that happened was that I was strongly craving fried chicken.  I couldn’t get it out of my head all day.  Once it was placed in front of me at dinner that night, the smell made my mouth water.  However, once I took my first bite, my stomach churned.  And every bite after that made me want to hurl.  I could not eat it at all, as much as I wanted to.  Weird.

We had an amazing weekend even though I continued to feel randomly nauseous and tired.  I drove home on Monday, and realized Tuesday morning that I hadn’t gotten my period yet.  Hmmmm.  I decided to take another pregnancy test, and it was positive!  OMG!!!!!  I must have stared at that thing for five straight minutes.  My first thought was, “It’s already inside me?!?”  I was just in complete shock and awe that something can happen so quickly, and change your life forever…for the better ❤




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