Week 5

So now that most of us know we are pregnant by this week, let’s talk about “The Glow,” that everyone says you have… It’s crap.  What they’re probably seeing is that you are completely pale from either throwing up or being nauseous all the time, and then your cheeks are flushed from constantly being overheated.  Pregnancy is not the glamorous, demure thing people describe it to be.  Ladies, let’s blow the lid off of this conspiracy.  Pregnancy is messy and out of control and straight up exhausting in every way.  Don’t get me wrong, it IS a miracle that leaves you awe struck and in wonder every day as you fall more and more in love with someone who isn’t even here yet.  But still, your body is a hot mess.

I have read that the glow could be attributed to an increase in blood flow, making your face appear brighter.  During your pregnancy, your body increases your blood production by about 50 %.  Mostly this is because you will lose so much blood during delivery that your body is preparing.  But then again, the blood flow leads to the whole overheated, flushed situation too.  I’ve also read that the glow is a result of hormones.  But doesn’t everyone blame everything on hormones?  So really I think the glow is a myth people made up to make pregnant women feel better.  I have been told all three pregnancies that I have the glow, and I’m calling Bullsh*t.

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