Week 6

Morning sickness.  The word, “Morning,” is completely deceiving and even sounds kind of pretty, right?  Like, oh, I’m just slightly queasy sometimes in the morning before I have things to do.  WRONG.  It should be called, all day every day life halting misery.  And I didn’t even have it that bad.  I know many women who can’t keep a single saltine down.  My friend actually cut her hair short because she was sick of trying to hold her hair back while constantly throwing up.  From what I gather from the medical people, is that this is your body’s way of responding to the out of control hormones.  There you go again blaming the hormones.  But any who, they say your body usually gets used to the hormones after a couple of months, and that’s why most women only experience this in the first trimester.

In my experience, I feel the worst right when I wake up in the morning with an empty stomach.  And after pathetically force-feeding myself a slice of bread, which usually takes about thirty minutes, I start to feel better.  First pregnancy morning sickness is brutal and quite shocking.  Every pregnancy after is no longer shocking, but exponentially more brutal.  Because now I no longer have the time to nurse myself in the morning with my bread.  Instead I have to clench my teeth and hold my breath as I try not to throw up on my one-year-old while changing his diaper and making his eggs.  I’m telling you, it’s a challenge.

But going to work isn’t much better.  Sure, you don’t have the gag inducing smells a house with a one-year-old and dogs has.  But you have the embarrassment of running to the bathroom in front of everyone.  And I don’t mean speed walking, I mean sprinting.  Or how about a long car ride through some windy mountain roads.  Yeah, that sounds like fun.  Throw in a couple screaming toddlers and a gassy labrador and it’s a freaking party.  And at that point, I just start uncontrollably laughing because that’s all you can do.  And seriously, the babies are totally worth it in the end.  So just keep clenching your teeth and holding your breath until then 😉

IMG_0822 (1)

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