Week 10

That’s right, we are pregnant!!!  And I’m very happy to report that this pregnancy is kickin’ my ass.  The onslaught of first trimester symptoms are in full effect.  I am exhausted, of course, but powering through it like the veteran mama zombie, (mombie,) that I am.  I am getting headaches so frequently that I am forgetting what it feels like to not have one.  And the worst of all is the nausea.  It is debilitating and shadows me all day. Even in the middle of the night when I wake up to pee for the fourth or fifth time, (another first trimester delight,) it rears it’s ugly head and I rush back to bed in hopes that I can sleep it away.

So I beg the doctor for something to help, because I need to be a functioning human most of the time.  She gives me something different than what I was taking my previous two pregnancies, and it turns out that this stuff is combined with a sedative.  So here I am taking it first thing in the morning before work, and wondering why everything is so hard; driving, thinking, standing.  I remember being tired with my previous pregnancies, but not like this.  I’m living my days on auto pilot and not even remembering chunks of it.  Mombie.  Finally my girlfriend puts it together and enlightens me.  Thank God for that, because trying to function under a sedative was as difficult as trying to push through the nausea.  The doctor prescribed me something else, and also something to cope with the headaches.  So now that my two worst symptoms are somewhat manageable, I feel like I have rejoined the world again!  Woohoo!

The main reason we delayed the announcement is because we wanted to get that first eight week ultrasound to confirm that there is, in fact, a baby in there this time.  As most of you know, we suffered a miscarriage a few months ago.  It came as a complete and tragic shock, and therefore made us very skeptical when looking at the positive CVS brand pee test.  For my last three pregnancies, that pee test might as well have been written in stone.  But since one of those resulted in the miscarriage, this time we needed more proof.  And even after two ultrasounds, we still had to make a conscious decision to believe it. I’m guessing that that’s probably normal though.  So now that it’s been 10 weeks, and I am nearing the end of my first trimester, and can no longer button my jeans, we feel confident in sharing the news!

It’s true, my jeans are already a lost cause.  With your first pregnancy, you don’t really show until about 5-6 months.  And most people still won’t say anything until 7-8 months just in case.  With your subsequent pregnancies however, your body is like a balloon that’s already been blown up and deflated before, so blowing it up again is much quicker and less resistant.  Your body remembers.  My first pregnancy I refused to buy maternity clothes, and somehow got away with it.  My second pregnancy I bought the clothes, but held off wearing them until the 5-6 month mark.  This time I unpacked those maternity clothes right away, and am almost looking forward to just surrendering to the inevitable.  I guess you could say that I am embracing the good, the fat, and the nauseous.  Because after all, I will have another sweet darling little baby out of it. ❤

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