Week 15 & 16

For the past two weeks, we have all been taking turns being sick.  Nate and Mav were first, and lasted for about three days.  Summerly was last, and got sick after we were all pretty much better, and she only lasted for about three days as well.  As for me, I got sick right after the boys on day two, and I was sick for pretty much the entire two weeks.  So nobody told me that when you are pregnant, your immune system takes a vacation.  Yup, you catch anything and everything that goes around because your immune system is somewhere on a beach in the Caribbean sipping mai tais, while you are a leaky, sniffly mess.  Apparently the baby is taking so much of your energy and stamina to grow, that your body can’t really handle anything extra.  So when you get sick, you are on your own.

To make matters worse, and another thing nobody told me, is that you can’t take much in the form of meds.  Now, I believe they have lightened up since I had Mav, but when I got sick while pregnant with him, my doctors told me to drink lots of orange juice.  I’m like, “Gee, thanks.”  Meanwhile, Nate was pounding Emergen-C, Mucinex, NyQuil, and anything else he could get his hands on, while I enviously suffered on the couch with my OJ.  I finally drew the line when Nate was withholding cough drops from me saying that they were a Category C drug, meaning that they haven’t done enough studies to know if they are harmful to the fetus.  And I was like, “You give me those damn cough drops or you can sleep outside.”  I am happy to say though that this time since I am past 12 weeks, I could have Robitussin.  So that helped a little, but I was still by far the sickest of us all, and for the longest duration.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for Nate to take a work trip.  So we are running a lot of errands to prepare him for travel, and to prepare me to be alone with the kids and dogs and house.  I always prepare a “Before Nate leaves, Honey-do” list.  Things like, replace the fridge water filter.  Kill the spider living on the ceiling.  Wash our 85-pound Labrador, Bobos.  Fix the closet door because it won’t open.  Pick up the dogs’ flea medicine at Petco.  Pretty easy things for my hubby to do, but a little trickier for me dragging two toddlers behind me.

So while he is washing Bobos, I decide to wash our little 8-pound Pomeranian Yoshi.  Then I decide to give her a haircut like they do at the groomers.  How hard could it be?  So I use Nate’s hair shaver tool and get to work.  Nate walks in from washing Bobos, and says, “You’re crazy.”  I’m like, “Oh good, you’re done.  Get down here and hold her for me.”  An hour later, we are still attempting to give her that adorable lion cut hair style that they give her, although we are not really achieving it.  We are taking turns laughing hysterically, and trying to fix the unevenness of her shave.  Ultimately Yoshi ended up looking a little rumpled with some bald spots here and there, and we both have a newfound appreciation for the groomer.  Here’s some pix of the massive amount of hair we shaved off, and her not quite up to par haircut.

Once the bald spots grow back, I’ll take her to the groomer to fix it, lol.  But until then, she’s just gonna have to live with the embarrassment.

Here’s what it looks like when the groomer does it…


The next day, we ended up going to Petco as a family to get the prescription flea medicine.  This means we also have to take the dogs because the vet needs to see them to renew the prescription.  Even with the capable hands of Mommy and Daddy, it’s still a cluster with two kids and two dogs.  When we get there, I decide to walk the kids around to keep them entertained while Nate deals with the dogs and the vet.  While browsing, I stumble across doggy diapers, and a lightbulb immediately flares up in my head.  You see, my little Yoshi likes to poop in the house any time Nate goes away.  Like spite poop because apparently I don’t love her as much as he does, or maybe she thinks I sent him away and she’s pissed.  Even when I take her out nine times a day, she will go pee pee every time, but hold her poop until we are back in the house, and then she will go when I’m not looking.  What a joy to add to my plate while he’s gone.

So I wander back to Nate with the doggy diapers, and he’s like, “You’re kidding, right?”  And with a huge victory smile, I’m like, “Not even a bit.”  The idea is that I’m almost positive she won’t go in the diapers.  She IS potty trained, although she likes to pretend she’s not when he’s gone.  The diaper will just force her to hold it until I take her out again.  That’s what I’m hoping anyway.  I guess we will find out soon enough, so wish me luck.

Some more potty news in our house is that we pretty much have Mav potty trained.  Finally!!!  He’s three and a half, so I’m not too far behind for a boy, but man I’ve just been trying for so long.  Right after New Years I told Nate that I was no longer going to potty train Maverick, and that I was just going to skip him and move on to Summerly.  Because that way I can feel validated in that it’s not my parenting, and yay for me that I potty trained one kid, so I’m not a failure.  Well, Nate grew concerned because he knew I was serious.  He started to take a very active role in getting Mav to be excited about being a,”Big boy,” who gets to wear big boy underpants.  And lo and behold, (and as I always suspected,) once Nate got really involved, Mav responded with flying colors.  This is the most amazing and wonderful news in our house.  Especially because we still have Sum in diapers, are about to have a new baby in diapers, and now Yoshi will be in diapers.  I really needed a win, and I got it.  I am just ecstatic.  The things that make moms giddy. LMAO.

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