Week 18, Sympathy Pregnancy

I am 4.5 months along now, and it’s about the time that Nate finally admits that he has a sympathy pregnancy, and starts to rectify it.  What is a sympathy pregnancy, you ask?  Well, exactly what it sounds like.  Your hubby or partner has so much sympathy or empathy for what you’re going through, that he starts to develop symptoms of his own.  I kid you not, this is real.  In Nate’s case, his appetite shoots through the roof, and he starts to gain weight.  During my first pregnancy with Maverick, Nate claimed that I was starting to gain weight around the three month mark.  And you’re probably thinking, “Duh, you’re eating for two when you’re pregnant.”  Well, that’s not entirely true.  During the first trimester, you are only really supposed to consume a couple hundred extra calories a day.  That’s like a granola bar or two.  And it’s recommended that you only gain a few pounds during the entire first trimester, if any.  Here’s a pic of month three when I was pregnant with Mav, and I was so skinny back then that, yes, this tiny little pooch was for sure a baby bump as far as Nate and I were concerned…


So whenever I would point out to Nate that his appetite seems to have grown, he would shoot right back that I am also gaining weight, implying that maybe I’m gaining too much too fast.  And I would think, yea, right.  We’ll see.  So I bet him that at my three month appointment coming up, that my weigh-in would be perfectly normal at the 3-5 pound weight gain recommendation.  At the time, Nate and I were doing a group appointment for new parents called, “Centering.”  It’s very similar to what you see in the movies where a bunch of newly pregnant couples sit in a circle, and the midwife teaches you things each visit like nutrition, what to expect during pregnancy, what’s normal and what’s not, etc.

So when we get to the appointment, I tell all the ladies that my husband has a sympathy pregnancy, and that he’s been giving me crap about my weight gain.  They start yapping at him in my defense like, “How dare you!”  It was awesome.  I got on the scale and weighed in with a two pound weight gain.  I didn’t even try to hold back my, “I told you so,” smile.  I then informed Nate that he will now be getting on the scale.  You see, I knew that my fellow pregnant ladies would not let him off the hook now.  So as the other husbands looked on with pity, he got on the scale.  Turns out that he had gained 8 pounds!  We were all hooting and hollering at him.  I will never forget this winning moment.

See, I could care less about his weight gain.  I was just thrilled that we all knew that I was right, and that he finally had to admit that he did, in fact, have a sympathy pregnancy.  Now, in my second pregnancy and in this current one, he doesn’t even deny it anymore.  We just roll with it.  We both gain a little weight, and then at about the 4-5 month mark he decides to get back in shape, while I really start packing on the pounds.  Here’s some pics of month four, five, and six when I was pregnant with Mav…


And here’s month four, five, and six  when I was pregnant with Summerly…

And here’s month four of this pregnancy.  I will have to take a pic of month five soon!!



I have a lot more to say about the effects of a pregnancy on your partner, but my kids have stripped naked, are screaming at me, and are about to dig in the trash if I don’t start paying attention to them.  So we’ll talk more next week;)  Ta ta for now!

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