Week 20, To find out, or not to find out?…

I’m halfway through!  Holy Hallelujah!  I’m glad to say I’m feeling great in my second trimeter.  In fact, I’m feeling better in this pregnancy’s second trimester than I ever felt with my past two.  I wonder if this is just an illusion though.  Like maybe I’ve gotten so used to being pregnant, that the vivid memory of what it feels like to be normal has faded to the point where I can’t really compare anymore.  Illusion or not, the result is the same, and I’m feeling awesome!  I am now one of those pregnant women whom I used to despise when they said, “I love being pregnant.”  I used to think, “You freaking liar.  You’re making the rest of us look bad.”  Because here I am trying to live through the misery of all of these symptoms, and you say you’re feeling fine, “Maybe just a little tired.”  And now my husband thinks I’m faking it, exaggerating, just being sensitive, or all of the above.  Thanks lady.  Lmao.  I’m not actually to the point where I love being pregnant, but at least I’m not a worthless lump on the couch anymore.

At 20 weeks, the biggest question that everyone wants to know is, “Boy, or Girl?”  With our first baby, Nate and I waited to find out until the baby shower.  We had the ultrasound tech write the gender on a notecard in a sealed envelope, and I gave it directly to my surrogate sisters with instructions to create some sort of reveal at the baby shower.  So at about 8 months pregnant, we threw a coed baby shower/gender reveal party, which included a keg, per my husband’s request.  Everyone wore Mardi Gras beads in pink or blue, betting on what they thought it was.  We all went outside onto the front driveway, where my sisters placed a large wrapped box in front of us.  Once we opened it, a bunch of white and blue balloons floated out of it and up into the sky.  It was magical, and Nate and I both teared up as our family hooted and clapped.  Really, it was an amazing way to celebrate and get the family involved.  Here are some pix.

With my second pregnancy, I was way too anxious to wait.  Also, Nate was going to be gone my whole second trimester and most of my third.  So we ended up going to one of those early ultrasound clinics to find out as soon as we possibly could.  I think it was around 14 weeks.  It was romantic and intimate to just be the two of us and Maverick.  And the ultrasound tech was more family friendly and social, rather than the techs at the hospital who are mainly looking at the anatomy, and the gender is really more of an afterthought for them.  Honestly, I was shocked to find out that it was a girl because I was totally sure it was a boy.  And now that I know her, she is a complete daredevil, tomboy.  So now I know why I was getting that boy vibe.  Nate and the rest of our family were absolutely smitten and in love because now we had one of each<3

So now with this pregnancy, here comes the question again.  A couple months ago, Nate expressed his idea of waiting to find out the gender until the birth.  At first I was shocked and thought he was kidding.  But he seems really passionate about it, arguing that we already have one of each, and baby supplies and clothes for each, so why not?  And here I am thinking that I really don’t need any surprises in the delivery room.  That there’s plenty of the unknown as it is, and that any knowledge that can be available to me, I should know.  But that’s just the pragmatic control freak in me I guess.  And my sweet and spontaneous hubby is always reminding me of the delight a little mystery can bring.  So I am definitely going along with his plan for this baby’s gender reveal.  I’m not always so agreeable to his ideas.  But this one, I can do 😉

Here’s a pic of my 5 month baby bump!


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