Back to Life

I can hardly believe that my brand new baby GIRL is eight weeks old today.  That’s right, we had a baby girl, and we named her Khaleesi after the Mother of Dragons.  And true to her name, she is strong and steady in her own right.  This baby, (as with all my babies), has got me mystified in wonder.  When I was expecting my second baby, I asked my surrogate sister Autumn, (who has two little boys,) how I could possibly love another human as much as I loved my Maverick.  And she told me that your heart just grows.  This reminded me of the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes.  And today I can firmly say that my heart has absolutely grown a whole size with each baby.  It’s the best feeling in the world!

Khaleesi was born June 28th, at 10:45 p.m.  I ended up getting induced at 40+3 mostly out of convenience and misery.  We strolled into the hospital at 7:30 a.m., and started the Pitocin at 9a.m.  Yes, I still labored for more than 12 hours with my third baby.  Ugh.  I will say though that I only pushed three times, so there’s that, lol.  As soon as the doctor held her up to us, we all clapped because we only had one name picked out for a girl, but about five names for a boy.  Fate.  This little bundle of awesomeness is the reason moms go through the hell of pregnancy and childbirth.  Because let me tell you, the recovery this time was excruciating.

They told me after my second baby that the recovery gets worse each time.  And holy hell, they were right.  I struggled to get out of the bed and walk to the bathroom.  I was shakey and weak and in so much pain.  My uterus felt like somebody had repeatedly punched it from the inside for 12+ hours.  (Which in all reality is kind of what happened.)  Also my pelvic bones felt like they would snap apart if I stepped too quickly or in the wrong direction.  I was a mess.

Here’s where I especially thank God for my husband; because when the jaded nurses who see this every day don’t believe you are in that much pain, he will semi politely tell them to take their judgement elsewhere and take care of me or all hell will break loose.  He was my biggest advocate.  I had literally been moaning and crying and white-knuckling the bed frame.  Call me weak, I don’t give a f*ck, just give me something for the pain.  So they did, and things got a little better.  I could still barely walk to the bathroom, but at least I could lay in the bed and not be in pain as long as I didn’t move.  It was rough.

40 hours after we had strolled into the hospital to be induced, Nate and I had only gotten about three hours of broken sleep.  Finally my nurse convinced me to let her take the baby for a couple of hours.  I’m sure she knew we would soon fall apart at this rate.  When she came back in three hours later, we were both sleeping like the dead with significant drool puddles on our pillows.  Sleep never felt so good.  For those of you who don’t understand why we had gotten so little sleep, let me explain.  Not only can the baby keep you up, but there are people coming into your room every 30 minutes for one reason or another.  Check you.  Check the baby.  Clean your room.  Bring you food.  Take away your food.  Take some survey.  Fill out forms.  Blah, blah.  It’s absolutely nothing like the movies.  Just FYI.

The next day when we were discharged from the hospital, I was a little bit terrified to go home and take care of everything in my state.  I was still looking and feeling pretty pathetic.  Again, thank God for Nate because he HANDLED everything.  Two days after being home, we ended up going to triage because my pain meds were done, but I was still in tremendous pain.  They did an internal exam, (which was excruciating,) and determined that my pubic bones might have separated a little bit.  Oh, joy.  They said that my healing will be slower, but that I should eventually be fine.  They sent me home with more pain meds, some anti inflammatories, and directions to stay in bed.  So I spent the next two weeks only taking care of myself and the baby, while Nate wrangled the other two kids, did all the house chores, and kept us all fed.  It was insane.  I am glad to report though that I am now completely back to normal.  Birthing babies is rough.  Don’t let them tell you any different.  But I feel like a freaking warrior at this point!

So that’s basically the first four weeks after baby.  I will fill you in on the second four weeks after baby in my next post!  Thank you all for hanging in there while I took this hiatus.  Not only have we been crazy busy adjusting to three kids, but we really just wanted to soak in every minute with this brand new little baby because it really does go so fast!