I live in San Diego now with my Hubby Nate.  He is my opposite, but together we make an amazing team.  As he always says, teamwork makes the dream work.

We first had our son Maverick three years ago.  He is a strong willed, loving, and sensitive little guy who definitely lives up to his name.

We had our little girl Summerly just one year ago.  She is just the sweetest little girl, all smiles all the time.

And we can’t forget the pup dogs.  We have a 90 pound Labrador named Bobos, who is just a floppy, clumsy, cuddle dog.  And then a 9 pound Pomeranian named Yoshi, who thinks she runs the house.

Yes, it’s quite a full house.  It’s always chaos.  It’s never clean or quiet.  But I wouldn’t change it for anything ❤